The ToodleLoo™ is a solution for a problem that all parents of young children face: the potty.

Designed for families on the go, the ToodleLoo™ allows parents to travel with confidence that wherever they go, their kids can “go” as well without risking spills after.

The ToodleLoo™ was invented because it was something I wanted to buy. I was sure that someone must have already built it, but there was nothing like it on the market. Everything I found were variants on chamber pot designs, largely unchanged since the 6th Century BCE. I know we can do better.

I had an idea, something more 20th century at least, to allow parents to deal with these minor issues before they became major messes. I set out to create a new travel potty which would allow parents of young children to travel without worrying about stopping at every rest stop or risking needing to clean up accidents. Parents with multiple children will be glad to know the proposed design can hold over 50 ounces, which is three average adult bladder empties, while still preventing spills.

The more I looked at the products already on the market, the more convinced I became that this product should exist. As I spoke with people about the idea, the reactions tended to fall into three categories:

  • “Are you sure that doesn’t already exist?” (good)
  • “That’s actually really clever.” (also good)
  • “Eww, why are we talking about that? (usually not parents, or I made the mistake of asking at mealtime)

Parents are used to dealing with gross stuff, but if a product could make your life a little less gross and a little easier, would you be interested? Something you can leave in your car and forget about until needed?

We’re going to be doing a Kickstarter campaign in the near term to raise the funds to produce the ToodleLoo™ and I would be thrilled if you join us in launching this product.